Your guide to the best diaper for newborns

All newborn babies will be in diapers 24 hours a day, for up to three years after birth, and they will require changing somewhere between five and ten times every day for the first few months of their lives. This makes it pretty important that you find the best diapers for your baby, because there are a number of ways your baby can be impacted by that kind of frequent changing and constant skin contact.

Today there are more options than ever before for choosing the perfect diaper for your baby, so it may be a little bewildering trying to narrow it down to the best fit for your newborn. Here are a few that are considered best diaper for newborns, all available for easy shipment through Amazon if you would like to keep a steady supply coming in.


pampersWhatever your eventual choice might be at home, Pampers is more likely than not to be the first diaper worn by your baby, since most hospitals keep a good supply on hand. There’s a good reason that hospitals have so much faith in these diapers, and those reasons are worth noting, because you’ll appreciate them yourself. Pampers Swaddlers manage to contain leaks very well, and that fact may be more important at a hospital than anywhere else, since at any given time, there are likely to be a number of newborns filling out the cribs in the Maternity Ward.

The Swaddlers variety of Pampers are incredibly soft, being deliberately constructed for use with the most sensitive skin of newborn babies. In fact, an extra-sensitive version of Swaddlers is marketed for babies who are bothered by rashes, and who would benefit by having only the softest of the soft material against their skin.

For busy parents who might like some kind of indicator to detect wetness sooner, this diaper also has a line around the waistband which indicates wetness, and provides a visual cue that it’s time for a change. For the overnight hours, Pampers make a really good choice, because unlike most other diapers, they have three absorbent layers instead of two, so they can accommodate more moisture than practically any other diaper. They also have the ingenious built-in quality of expanding and contracting along with baby’s breathing at night, to maintain a secure fit, and prevent baby from squirming out.

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Seventh Generation

seventh generation diaperThese are very soft-feeling diapers, and even though your baby won’t be able to express it, he or she will certainly notice the difference provided by a cotton-soft material in close contact with very sensitive, newborn skin. In fact, there is probably no time when a person’s skin is more sensitive than soon after birth, when skin cells are all brand new, and have not been exposed to any of the harsh environmental factors which will intrude later on.

Seventh Generation diapers are not just soft though – they have really good absorptive powers, and will not leak, even if there are times when you can’t react to baby’s over-filled diaper as quickly as you should. They also have high-quality closure tabs, which ensure that the diaper remains in place, rather than sliding off when straps let go as baby becomes active.

Best of all, these are chemical-free, scent-free, and toxin-free diapers which represent one of the greenest options available in the line of newborn diapers. Granted, baby won’t care much about environmental factors, but if all the requisite comfort factors are present as well, it wouldn’t hurt to choose a brand which is friendly toward the environment.

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Earth’s Best Tender Care – Best Diaper for newborns

best diapers for newbornsThis diaper is just a great combination of affordability, comfort, and high quality construction. It’s hypo-allergenic, free of chlorine and other chemicals, and offers great performance due to its solid construction. These diapers are extremely absorbent, helping to wick moisture away from your newborn’s skin and avoid rashes, and they have a nice, soft feeling next to the skin.

It has earned a Best Value Award from Baby Gear Labs, which tests out these kinds of products, so you can have confidence that it delivers in the areas that it claims to – superior fit, great absorbency, durable construction, excellent anti-leak properties, and low pricing. It has no dyes or artificial fragrances, so it’s a great green diaper, and an excellent choice for the money.

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The best diaper for newborns are usually not the cheapest ones. While it is true that diapers are changed quickly for newborns, and no single diaper stays in contact with the skin for long, the time that the diaper does touch baby’s skin can still have a big impact on comfort, fit, and dryness.

All disposable diapers will of course do the job, but there are some that do the job exceptionally well, as measured by those criteria, and other factors as well. The choices above are all very good for baby, which means they are also good for father and mother, and in the long run, are good for Mother Earth as well.

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