Types of diaper bag and which one is for you?

There are certainly more types of diaper bag in the market than one might need. Brands are making diaper bag fancier and more fashionable than ever before. With that said, when it comes down to it, I think there are 4 main types of diaper bag:


navy-classic-tote-diaper-bag-cThis  is the most popular type of diaper bag. In essence, it’s a giant hand bag that’s able to hold both the baby’s and your stuff. As the bulkiest of them all, tote diaper bag is the perfect solution to take everything you need for the baby when traveling.

There are just so many designs and brands for totes, that’s why it’s the #1 choice for parents who want a fashionable diaper bag. Like that Babyboo Signature Diaper Bag mentioned in my review of diaper bag for boys, it just looks gorgeous.

With that said, these bags are mostly designed for mom so dads often complain about having to wear it out in the public.

Who is it for? Moms who love a beautifully designed diaper bag that can hold enough baby stuff to last a full day.

The drawback? It can be really bulky and cannot be accessed while carried. Also, the design is most probably not dad-friendly.


backpack diaper bagNow this is my favorite type of diaper bag. The reason is simple: it’s really comfortable and totally hand-free. The later part is really important. Try to go shopping with a tote bag and you will understand what I mean. I even did a full review of my 4 favorite backpack bags.

While it may look like a ordinary backpack, this type of diaper bag is organizational dream for parents. You will find tons of pockets inside and be able to organize them however you like to maximum efficiency and convenience.

Most of the latest backpack diaper bag have easy access pockets like “insulated bottle holder” to keep your baby bottle warm and a diaper wipe pocket.  I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t trade those for a more fashionable bag.

Who is it for? Parents (yes both moms and dads) who want a highly functional and organizational bag that frees up both hands.

Drawback? “back to school” look, not suitable for twins.


messenger diaper bagWhile raising a baby certainly isn’t exactly glamorous, if you want to look good doing it then messenger diaper bag is your best bet. With stylish design that hangs over your shoulder, this type of diaper bag looks really slim.

Other than being fashionable, the reason that many parents are choosing this type of bag is that you can retrieve items inside without having to take the bag off. It may be a little bit tricky at first, but you will get used to it in time.

With that said, messenger bag is not for everyone since it places a lot of weight on one side of the body. You certainly don’t want that if you have joint or back problems. Also, to maintain the slim design you will have to sacrifices some spaces. Most parents use the messenger diaper bag as a backup or mainly for short trip around town.

Who is it for? Parents who want stylish diaper bag for short trip around town.

Drawback? Place weight on one side of the body and can’t carry as much stuff as other types of diaper bag


stroller diaper bagNow we are getting to sensitive territory. I know a lot of parents do not approve of stroller diaper bag. They think that the weight of a diaper bag hanging on the handle may cause the stroller to tip backward.

Let me get this out of the way. If used correctly, stroller diaper bag is absolutely safe.

Now here are 2 things that you need to remember:

  • The weight of your diaper bag: believe it or not, you can carry up to 50 pounds in  your stroller diaper bag.
  • The weight of your stroller: you can’t expect a jogging stroller to perform the same as your umbrella stroller bought from Walmart. The rule of thumb is that the heavier your stroller is, the more weight it will take to tip it backward.

I know stroller diaper bag is not for everyone, but if you just need extra space on your stroller, this is the best option. You do not have to wear or carry it, and it’s really convenient to put stuff in and out. As long as you understands the above two points, it’s perfectly safe for your baby.

There you have it, the four types of diaper bag in my book. Each caters to a different group of parents. I currently own two diaper bags, one is a backpack and the other is a messenger bag. For a full day out, I will take my backpack. For a fast errand run, I will use the messenger bag.

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