What to consider when buying your first diaper bag?

Diaper bag is one of the most important item in my baby stuff list. The reason is I use it a lot. I mean really a lot. Everytime I take baby Toby out, I need to use it. Whether to the doctor, back to my mother’s house or simply strolling around the park, the diaper bag is one thing that will make it all so much easier.

Then again, you probably already know how important a diaper bag is. But what to consider when buying your first ever diaper bag?

1. Comfort is key

It’s likely that your bag will be loaded with tons of baby stuff and more, get something that will make you comfortable carrying around. Some put a main bag in the trunk of their cars and carry around a tote bag. Some prefer a backpack diaper bag, like me, since it’s a great choice for comfort and hands-free. Also if you want a bag that won’t strain your back then backpack is the obvious way to go.

2. Easy Access

Easy access is really important, trust me. You don’t want to mess around with complicated latches. When your baby is screaming and you have to look for a pacifier with one hand, you will appreciate the easy access part of the bag.

3. Roomier storage

Let me tell you that it’s possible to find a compact and portable bag but still have plenty of room. You will need it for the ever changing needs of your baby. Not to mention you will need space for your own items as well.

4. Quality

I always go for the quality diaper bag even though it means I have to shell out more money. When you are far away from home, you don’t want to find yourself in situation where the handles breaks or the strap is stuck, etc. My advise is to go for middle price range like $70-100. They are not that expensive so you can afford but still offer great quality.

5. Material

These bags will be dragged around a lot and they get really dirty. So a bag that’s easy to clean and maintain can really help. You should aim for a bag that you can clean both inside and outside. A bag that you can throw in the washing machine is a dream.

Whether the bag is eco-friendly or not is also important, since you will put all your baby stuff inside, the lesser exposure to chemicals the better. Most bags in the mid price range are BPA free and some are made of organic material.

6. Features

Some latest features of diaper bag can be really helpful when you are out and about with your baby. A portable changing pad is definitely recommended. Some other features you might want to consider are insulated bottle holders, comfy padding on shoulder traps or quick access wipe window.

The above are the most essential things you need to consider when buying a diaper bag. With that said, it really depends on your needs, budgets and other factors. For example if you have twins then you should pick a bag that can store a lot of stuff. Good luck on finding the right diaper bag for your bundle of joy!

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