Basic Baby Registry

I guess every new mom is a little overwhelmed of the sheer number of advice out there about what baby gear to get. The last thing you want to do is go through hundreds of different items! How you ever decide what to buy and what not to buy?

The easiest way, at least for me, is learn through the experience of other moms. That’s why in this basic baby registry list; I trimmed everything down, created 9 different categories and add 1 or 2 suggestions to each. I have personally used most of the gear you see below, however there also are some stuff that received great deal of praise but I never had the chance to try.

1. Diapering

If you know me, you know that I use earth’s best tender care for my baby. You may say I’m one of those weird eco-moms. Not only environmental friendly, it’s also extremely absorbent. I like the nice soft feeling against the skin as well. If for some reasons you don’t like Earth’s Best Tender Care, here are some other choices.

Now, diaper bag is not exactly in this category but it’s often ignored in most baby registry list I’ve seen so I put it here. I use a backpack diaper bag. It’s not exactly pretty or fashionable, but it’s extremely useful and comfortable.

See how I underlined comfortable? Those who used sling or tote diaper bags for a while understand what I’m talking about.

Sometimes, comfort is all you actually care about. Trust me.

Here is my detailed review of backpack diaper bag, which one I use and why.

2. Clothing

When it comes to clothing for an infant, you should only care about: footed onesie and jammies.

After Toby’s socks and shoes fell off like the hundredth time, the above two were what saved my sanity.