Baby Shower Diaper Games

If you’re planning a baby shower, then you’re probably thinking of ways to make sure that everyone has a good time while they’re there. After all, bringing a new bundle of joy into this world is kind of a big deal! It’s a joyous experience that should be celebrated as such. When we think about baby showers we think about the gifts, refreshments, and of course… the games. And we’ve seen them all, haven’t we? Measurements of mother-to-be, determine the future name of said baby, or the classic baby food taste and guess game. Sure, they were fun the first few times you played them, but come on; they’re getting kinda old and boring now, right?

That’s why we put together a list of fun, different baby shower games created with diapers in mind! These games are funny, simple to arrange, and will keep you and your lady guests laughing for hours on end!

The Classic Poopy Diaper

classic-poopy-diaper-gamesOkay, so maybe you’ve played this one before. Despite the fact that it’s been played many times over, it still gets one of the best reactions.

Here’s what you will need:

between 5 to 10 diapers

the same amount of chocolate bars, each a different kind

Here’s how it’s played:

Soften up the chocolate bars in the microwave, and mush them up (don’t melt them!). Place one mushed up candy bar on the inside of each diaper, and pass them around and let everyone guess what kind of candy bar is in it.

Adult Diapers

This one is a riot! By the time this game is done, everyone will be rolling; no pun intended.

Here’s what you will need:

teams of two players

a roll of toilet paper for each team

Here’s how it’s played:

Set the timer for about 2 minutes. When the timer begins, one team member starts rolling toilet paper around the other person’s bottom! When the timer stops, the team with the best diaper wins!

Late Night Diapers

late-night-diaper-gameThis game is a newer trend that many people are taking a liking to. There’s no prize, or complicated rules to follow – the only requirement is that you must have something clever to say to mommy at 3a.m. when she’s changing another late night diaper for the hundredth time.

Here’s what you will need:

a package of diapers for newborns, and the next size up

sharpie pens

Here’s how it’s played:

Give each guest a sharpie pen, and a handful of diapers. Ask them to write out a funny saying on the front of each diaper. Here are some funny examples:

Poop Happens!

Do you even know what you’re doing?

We need to stop meeting like this.  

Once everyone has finished, gather up all the diapers and place them in a large gift basket. Give them to mom at the end of the shower. They’ll be sure to keep her smiling on those long, rough nights!

Diaper Raffle

Diapers are such a wonderful gift to give at baby showers. And this game is a great way for guests to give them, and get a chance to win an awesome prize in the process!

Here’s what you will need:

raffle tickets

a jar

a really great prize (like a gift certificate somewhere, cute handbag, etc.)

Here’s how it’s played:

When you send out the invitations, mention that there will be a raffle. The buy in is 1 ticket for each package of diapers brought, and at the end of the shower, draw tickets for the ultimate prize!

Side note: you can also offer more than one prize, giving your guests more of an incentive to bring even more diapers!

Speedy Diaper Challenge

There are many different ways in which this game can be played, or arranged. Overall, it’s absolutely hilarious to watch people play it.

Here’s what you will need:

two Cabbage Patch dolls (or similar stuffed dolls resembling babies)

two diapers

two blindfolds

a changing table

Here’s how it’s played:

Position the two dolls on the changing table in front of two blindfolded guests. On “go,” your guests must race to see who can put on a diaper the fastest while blindfolded!

Side note: if you have multiple guests, you may want to have a few replacement diapers handy. They can get worn out pretty quickly with this game.

The Diaper Mysteries

This is a fun guessing game that gives mom a few little extra freebies when it’s over.

Here’s what you will need:

an array of various baby items (pacifier, baby shoes, bottle nipples, etc.)

an equal number of diapers per items

scotch tape

Here’s how it’s played:

Place each individual item it in a diaper, and seal it with scotch tape. Label each diaper with a number to keep track. Pass it around to all of the guests, and let them guess what’s inside the diaper. Whomever has the most correct answers, wins the game!

These fun diaper games will keep your guests busy with laughter for hours. Make sure you have the camera ready! New life is such a special happening that brings loved ones together in celebration. Make it all worth remembering!

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